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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome to My First Post!

Shortly after opening octobermoonboutique.com on July 1, 2010 it was suggested by several of my friends that I should also start a blog for the store site. Now, 4 months later I'm finally getting around to it!

I follow many Professional Fashion Bloggers who have been blogging since day one. Most are younger gals who have so established their blog sites that they have many followers, offer fantastic give-aways from various fashion brands and are invited to New York's coveted Fashion Week each year. The daily shots of their outfit for the day includes fabulously put together ensembles from their closet offerings. They give great advise on how to wear and pair up colors, textures, accessories, etc. In short they hold Doctorates in this field where as I'm just starting school so to speak!

So, when putting my own blog together I began to doubt my fashion worth in this stellar lineup. Geez, there are days I just throw something on and go, not an outfit worthy of taking photos of and much less sharing! I will say that after months of following these blogs I have begun to dress better each day, give more thought to my outfits instead of saving the vast amount of clothes I do have (3rd bedroom is my closet) for special occasions out with our friends or date night with the husband, concerts, dinner out with friends. But what can I offer that would be different, needed or stand out from the others? Here's what I came up with!

For starters I'm 55 years old and I refuse to dress how SOME say a woman in her 50's should look. I have always been eclectic, rock-n-rollish, eccentric, arty and edgy in my clothing choices. Trendy shopper am I, certainly not Preppy or Conservative although I do sometimes donn what I like to think of as a more conservative looking outfit, there is always a edgy spin to it somewhere. Now, I have had to reign it in a bit as I've reached this wise age of 55, even I know there are somethings I just can't get away with at this age. But look out sister for the rest cause I'm wearing it full force!

So, this blog is for all the mature ladies out there who refuse to suddenly wear the staid, plain, safe look that many magazines claim you should be wearing at this age. I hope as I share my crazy put together frocks that you too will come up with great ideas and know that there are many ladies out there like us who will NEVER give up that unique side of their personality and charm. Here's to all us hot, rocking woman who always stay left of center!

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